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Highlights of the Population Density of the Philippines 2020 Census of Population and Housing (2020 CPH)

• As of 01 May 2020, the population of the Philippines, excluding Filipinos in Philippine embassies, consulates, and missions abroad was 109,033,245 based on the 2020 Census of Population and Housing (2020 CPH). In 2020, the number of Filipinos in Philippine embassies, consulates, and missions abroad totaled to 2,098 persons. (Tables 1 and A)

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• With a total land area of approximately 300,000 square kilometers, the population density of the Philippines in 2020 was posted at 363 persons per square kilometer. This represents an increase of 271 persons per square kilometer (8.0%) from the population density of 337 persons per square kilometer in 2015. In 2010, there were 308 persons residing in every square kilometer of land. (Tables 2 and A)

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• The population figures used in this report were from the results of the 2020 CPH. To derive the population density or the number of persons per square kilometer of land, only the population residing in Philippine territories were considered at the national level. Hence, Filipinos in Philippine embassies, consulates, and missions abroad were excluded from the total population count. Meanwhile, the land areas were based on the 2013 Masterlist of Land Areas of Cities and Municipalities provided by the Land Management Bureau (LMB) to the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA).

• In 2020, the Philippines had 17 administrative regions, 33 highly urbanized cities (HUCs), 108 component cities, five independent component cities, and 1,488 municipalities.

• In terms of population by region, Region IV-A (CALABARZON) was the biggest among the 17 administrative regions, with 16.20 million persons. It was followed by the National Capital Region (NCR) with 13.48 million persons and Region III (Central Luzon) with 12.42 million persons. The Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) registered the smallest population size of 1.80 million persons. (Tables 3 and A)

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• The three biggest regions in terms of land area were: Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM) with 36,650.95 square kilometers, Region II (Cagayan Valley) with 29,836.88 square kilometers, and MIMAROPA Region with 29,606.25 square kilometers. The NCR was the smallest with a land area of 619.54 square kilometers.

• Population density refers to persons per square kilometer of land. Among regions, the NCR was the most densely populated with a population density of 21,765 persons per square kilometer. This figure is almost 60 times of the population density of 363 persons per square kilometer posted at the national level. This translates to an additional 980 persons per square kilometer (4.7%) from the 20,785 persons per square kilometer reported in 2015. The population density of the NCR in 2010 was 19,137 per square kilometer.

• Aside from the NCR, five other regions surpassed the national population density of 363 persons per square kilometer in 2020. These were: Region IV-A (977 persons), Region III (567 persons), Region VII (Central Visayas, 509 persons), Region 1 (llocos, 409 persons), and Region V (Western Visayas, 383 persons).

• Moreover, the three regions with the lowest population density were: CAR (91 persons), MIMAROPA Region (109 persons), and BARMM (120 persons)

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• Among the 81 provinces in 2020, five had a population density of more than 1,000 persons per square kilometer. Of these five most densely populated provinces, the top three were in Region IV-A, followed by two provinces in Region III. Moreover, the 10 most densely populated provinces were all located in Luzon, except for Cebu (ranked seventh), which is in the Visayas. (Tables 4 and A)

• Cavite was the most densely populated province with 2,847 persons per square kilometer. It was followed by Rizal with 2,816, Laguna with 1,754 persons, Bulacan with 1,332 persons, and Pampanga (excluding the City of Angeles) with 1,218 persons.

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• In 2020, 12 provinces had a population density of at most 100 persons per square kilometer. Except for Benguet, all provinces in CAR were included in the 12 most sparsely populated provinces in the country, while five provinces were in Luzon and two provinces were in Mindanao. (Tables 5 and A)

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• Apayao was the most sparsely populated province with population density of 28 persons per square kilometer. It was followed by Abra with 60 persons and Palawan (excluding the City of Puerto Princesa) with 64 persons.

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• Of the 33 highly urbanized cities (HUCs), 16 were in the NCR.

• Among the 16 HUCs in the NCR, seven surpassed the regional population density of 21,765 persons per square kilometer. The City of Manila was the most densely populated with 73,920 persons per square kilometer in 2020, followed by the City of Mandaluyong with 45,830 persons per square kilometer, and Pasay City with 31,543 persons per square kilometer. The four other HUCs in the NCR that surpassed the regional population density were the City of Navotas (27,689 persons per square kilometer), the City of Caloocan (29,777 persons per square kilometer), the City of Makati (29,189 persons per square kilometer), and the City of Malabon (24,222 persons per square kilometer). (Tables 6, A, and B)

• Moreover, the City of Muntinlupa had the least population density among the HUCs in the NCR with 13,672 persons per square kilometer.

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• In 2020, 17 HUCs are located outside the NCR – five in Luzon, six in the Visayas, and six in Mindanao.

• Of the 17 HUCs outside the NCR, the City of Mandaue was the most densely populated with 14,461 persons per square kilometer. It was followed by the City of Lapu-Lapu with 8,565 persons per square kilometer, and the City of Angeles with 7,305 persons per square kilometer. (Tables 7, A, and B)

• Other HUCs outside NCR with a population density of more than 5,000 persons per square kilometer were the City of Baguio with 6,370 and the City of Iloilo with 5,842 persons

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• In 2020, the country had 108 component cities and five independent component cities.

• Seven of the ten most densely populated component cities were in Region IV-A. Two cities in Region III and another city in Region VII also made it to the top ten. (Tables 8 and B)

• The most densely populated component city in the country was the City of Bacoor in Cavite with 14,395 persons per square kilometer. It was followed by the City of San Pedro, Laguna with 13,555 persons, and the City of Biñan, Laguna with 10,118 persons.

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• Of the ten most sparsely populated component cities in the country, two were in Luzon, and four each in the Visayas and Mindanao.

• The City of llagan in Isabela was the most sparsely populated component city in the country, with a population density of 136 persons per square kilometer. It was followed by the City of Borongan in Eastern Samar with 151 persons per square kilometer, and the City of Bayugan in Agusan del Sur with 159 persons per square kilometer. (Tables 9 and B)

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• Of the five independent component cities, the City of Dagupan in Pangasinan was the most densely populated with 4,682 persons per square kilometer. It was followed by the City of Naga, Camarines Sur with 2,702 persons, City of Cotabato, Maguindanao with 1,847 persons, City of Santiago, Isabela with 582 persons, and Ormoc City, Leyte with 376 persons. (Tables 10 and B)

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• Of the country's 1,488 municipalities in 2020, Gen. Mariano Alvarez in Cavite was the most densely populated with 18,344 persons per square kilometer, followed by Rosario in Cavite with 14,561 persons, and Taytay in Rizal with 9,960 persons. Completing the top five most densely populated municipalities were Cainta in Rizal with 8,768 persons per square kilometer and Marilao in Bulacan with 7,542 persons per square kilometer. (Tables 11 and A)

• Pateros, the only municipality in the NCR, was the sixth most densely populated municipality in the country with 6,272 persons per square kilometer.

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• Kalayaan in Palawan was the most sparsely populated municipality in the country in 2020, with only one person residing in every square kilometer. Other municipalities with a population density of less than ten persons per square kilometer were Dinapigue, Divilacan, and Maconacon in Isabela; and Tineg in Abra. (Tables 12 and A)

• Completing the ten most sparsely populated municipalities in the country were two other municipalities in Abra and one municipality each in Nueva Vizcaya, Apayao, and Ilocos Norte.

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National Statistician and Civil Registrar General


Is PSA survey mandatory? ›

Rule 28 of the Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of RA No. 10625 mandates the PSA to be involved in the evaluation of surveys or censuses sponsored and/or to be conducted by government agencies at the national and local level.

How do I fix my PSA birth certificate? ›

You can only file a petition once, and the civil registry office will keep the previous record that was changed or corrected. To file a petition, you have to proceed to the local civil registry office of your city or municipality. If you're living abroad, you can file a petition at the nearest Philippine Consulate.

How do you get a negative PSA result? ›

If you're requesting the birth certificate of someone born before 1945, the PSA will only issue you a Negative Results Certification, which means no record of the birth can be found in the PSA archives. You can use the certificate to check with the Local Civil Registrar where your birth certificate was registered.

Is Philippine Statistics Authority same as NSO? ›

As enumerated above, PSA embraced four groups that dealt with national statistics, plus the responsibility of civil registration administration. Although it is not different from the NSO, the PSA certainly has broader scope and wider scale.

What happens if you don't fill out the Census Bureau survey? ›

By census law, refusal to answer all or part of the census carries a $100 fine. The penalty goes up to $500 for giving false answers.

Why is PSA testing controversy? ›

“Using the PSA test to screen men for prostate cancer is controversial because it is not yet known for certain whether this test actually saves lives. Moreover, it is not clear that the benefits of PSA screening outweigh the risks of follow-up diagnostic tests and cancer treatments.

What happens if your PSA birth certificate is not readable? ›

If the record of PSA is blurred, the local civil registrar shall be requested to endorse a copy of the birth certificate with clearer entry in the first name to the PSA.

What happens if you don't have PSA birth certificate? ›

You can get a Certified True Copy of Certificate of Live Birth (COLB) at the Local Civil Registrar's office of the city of municipality where you were born. Proceed to the LCR office and provide your: Complete and registered name. Birth date and birthplace.

How much does it cost to walk in a PSA with a birth certificate? ›

Birth, Marriage, and Death Certificates – PHP 365.00. CENOMAR – PHP 420.00.

What can throw off a PSA test? ›

Semen released during sexual activity can cause PSA levels to rise temporarily, which may affect the test results. For the same reason, before having a PSA test men should not have: exercised vigorously in the previous 48 hours. an active urinary infection (PSA may remain raised for many months)

What can lower a PSA test? ›

Tips for Naturally Lowering PSA Levels
  • If you've had your prostate-specific antigen (PSA) tested and your numbers were higher, you and your doctor may have discussed ways to lower it. ...
  • Eat more tomatoes. ...
  • Choose healthy protein sources. ...
  • Take vitamin D. ...
  • Drink green tea. ...
  • Exercise. ...
  • Reduce stress.

What can falsely lower PSA? ›

Other drugs may lower PSA levels in patients, which may indicate a false-negative result. These include: Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), such as aspirin, ibuprofen, and naproxen. Cholesterol-lowering statins, such as Lipitor (atorvastatin) and Zocor (simvastatin)

Is it okay to use NSO instead of PSA? ›

Is My NSO Birth Certificate Still Valid Or Do I Need To Get A PSA Birth Certificate? You may still have a copy of your birth certificate that is printed on a Security Paper that bears the NSO (National Statistics Office) logo and are wondering if it can still be considered a valid copy. The answer is yes.

How can I get Philippine birth certificate in USA? ›

Requirements for getting a PSA Birth Certificate
  1. Birth Certificate – Application form with correct information.
  2. Valid ID.
  3. Authorization Letter if not mentioned below (please bring a copy of the valid ID of the person as well as the representative)
  4. PSA Birth Certificate Fee.

Can I use my NSO for passport application? ›

Yes, DFA Offices still accept NSO birth certificates. is NSO still accepted in DFA? ! We still accept NSO birth certificate as long as it is printed in security paper and has the BREN code and barcode on the bottom of the document.

Do I have to answer all the census questions? ›

All information that individuals give to the Census Bureau is held in the strictest confidence by law (Title 13, U.S.C., Section 9). Although there are no penalties for not answering, each missing answer makes the national figures on housing less accurate.

Can I refuse census survey? ›

If you refuse to give out the information or you deliberately give inaccurate information, you can be in legal trouble. According to United States Code, Title 13 (Census), Chapter 7 (Offenses and Penalties), SubChapter II, if you're over 18 and refuse to answer all or part of the census, you can be fined up to $100.

Can you leave answers blank on census? ›

While participation in the census—and answering all questions—is mandatory, people occasionally leave a question blank. The Census Bureau uses a statistical procedure to fill in any missing responses.

Should I skip PSA test? ›

After weighing the evidence, the expert panel concluded that PSA screening for prostate cancer should not be offered routinely to men—typically as part of a regular physical exam. Screening means testing a seemingly healthy person for signs of a hidden disease, like prostate cancer.

Can you get a false high PSA reading? ›

Inflammation or infection of the prostate, like prostatitis or a urinary tract infection. Hormone medications, like testosterone. Ejaculation, which can raise the PSA level for a short period of time (so it's a good idea to avoid ejeculating for a few days before the test)

What percentage of PSA tests are false? ›

PSA has a false positive rate of about 70% and a false negative rate of about 20%. Although screening for prostate cancer with PSA can reduce mortality from prostate cancer, the absolute risk reduction is very small.

How do I fix a birth certificate problem? ›

To make a simple change to typographical errors, simply file a petition with the Local Civil Registry Office (LCRO) in the city or municipality that keeps your birth certificate.

What to do if you have no birth certificate in the Philippines? ›

File an application for delayed registration of birth

Section 5 of Act No. 3753 mandates that the declaration of birth must be sent to the local civil registrar not later than thirty (30) days after the birth, by the physician or midwife in attendance of the birth or by either parent of the newly born child.

What are the important information mostly needed from the PSA birth certificate? ›

Complete name of the father. Complete maiden name of the mother. Date of birth (month, day, year) Place of birth (city/municipality, province)

Can I use old PSA birth certificate for passport? ›

If you are presenting the minor's Birth Certificate as proof, it must be PSA-authenticated. Provide the original birth certificate printed on PSA security paper and a clear photocopy. If the PSA-authenticated Birth Certificate is not readable, get a copy from the Local Civil Registrar.

Can I walk in for PSA birth certificate? ›

This means that if you want to visit a PSA outlet to request for PSA certificates, you must make an online appointment first. This way, the PSA can attend to all requests and concerns for the day while keeping the outlet a safe and healthy place for everyone.

How do I get a passport without a birth certificate PSA? ›

Certified True Copy of Local Civil Registrar (LCR) Birth Certificate. This must be provided if the applicant is a newborn (less than 1 year old), who has no PSA Birth Certificate/Report of Birth yet.

How long is PSA walk through? ›

Approximately 2 weeks

How much is Cenomar walk in? ›

LOCAL REQUEST: delivery destination is within the Philippines; PHP 330.00 per copy for copy issuance of birth, marriage and death certificates, and PHP 430.00 per copy for Certificate of No Marriage Record (CENOMAR).

How many days do you need to work to get a PSA birth certificate? ›

How long will it take to receive my document? Once your payment has been posted, your order will be delivered within 3-4 working days if within Metro Manila and 3-8 working days for orders outside Metro Manila.

Does walking increase PSA levels? ›

Physical activity releases prostate-specific antigen (PSA) from the prostate gland into blood and increases serum PSA concentrations. Clin Chem.

What age should you stop PSA testing? ›

If you choose to have prostate cancer screening, most organizations recommend stopping around age 70 or if you develop other serious medical conditions that limit your life expectancy.

Does ibuprofen affect PSA test? ›

Using statins, NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) such as Tylenol (acetaminophen) and Advil (ibuprofen) and diuretics can lower the PSA reading. Proscar and Propecia (both finasteride), whether used for an enlarged prostate or hair loss, can lower the reading.

What vitamins lower PSA levels? ›

In a 2009 study, patients with locally advanced or metastatic prostate cancer were treated with vitamin D. The study reported that 1 in every 5 patients who took vitamin D had lower PSA levels.

Does vitamin D lower PSA levels? ›

Vitamin D Deficiency has no Impact on PSA Reference Ranges in a General University Hospital – A Retrospective Analysis.

What is the danger range for PSA? ›

Although PSA levels between 4.0 and 10.0 are considered “suspicious,” there is only a 25% chance that you have prostate cancer. If your PSA levels are 10 ng/mL or higher, these levels are considered “dangerous.” This means your chances of having prostate cancer are 50%.

What causes PSA to suddenly rise? ›

PSA -raising factors.

Besides cancer, other conditions that can raise PSA levels include an enlarged prostate (also known as benign prostatic hyperplasia or BPH ) and an inflamed or infected prostate (prostatitis). Also, PSA levels normally increase with age.

Does caffeine affect PSA test? ›

Alcohol and caffeinated drinks are not established risk factors for prostate cancer and will not affect PSA levels.

At what PSA level should a biopsy be done? ›

Many doctors recommend a prostate biopsy for men whose percent-free PSA is 10% or less, and advise that men consider a biopsy if it is between 10% and 25%. Using these cutoffs detects most cancers and helps some men avoid unnecessary biopsies.

Which is more accurate free PSA or total PSA? ›

Free and total PSA tests can help diagnose prostate problems, including cancer. However, the results are only meaningful when compared with those of a total PSA test. A doctor may order a free PSA test if total PSA levels are high. Even then, it cannot confirm a diagnosis of cancer.

Is NSO still valid 2022? ›

PSA and or NSO certificates do not expire. According to the PSA's statement released on June 30, 2016: Birth certificates are permanent records of the identities of each individual and do not have expiration period.

Can I use NSO instead of PSA for passport 2022? ›

Conversation. Hi Mikee! Yes, DFA Offices still accept NSO birth certificates.

How long can a Filipino born U.S. citizen stay in the Philippines? ›

American citizens do not need a visa to stay in the Philippines for 59 days for business or tourism.

Can a Philippine citizen get dual citizenship in the USA? ›

Dual Citizenship acquired by birth – A child born in the United States on or after 17 January 1973 when either or both parent/s was still a Filipino citizen is considered to be a dual citizen from birth.

How do I get dual citizenship in U.S. and Philippines? ›

  1. A. Duly Accomplished Dual Citizenship Application Form. ...
  2. B. PSA Birth Certificate. ...
  3. C. Latest Philippine Passport (if available) ...
  4. D. PSA Marriage Certificate.
  5. E. Death Certificate.
  6. F. Divorce Decree or PSA Marriage Certificate with Annotation on Divorce.
  7. G. US Naturalization Certificate. ...
  8. H. Valid US Passport.

What's the difference between PSA and NSO? ›

To sum it up, PSA is the merge of four statistics offices (NSO, NSCB, BLES, & BAS) and now serve as the central statistical authority of the Philippine Government. (I didn't even know there were four statistics offices, I only knew NSO!

How do I renew my US passport in the Philippines? ›

If you are a US Citizen living in the Philippines, you are 16 years old or older and already have a US passport. You may be eligible to renew your passport by mail. Otherwise, you must apply in person at the US Embassy or Consulate.

What are the documents approved by PSA? ›

from PSA. Need a birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate, or CENOMAR (Certificate of No Marriage Record)? delivery anywhere in the Philippines or abroad.

What is the mandate of PSA? ›

It shall plan, develop, prescribe, disseminate, and enforce policies, rules and regulations, and coordinate government-wide programs governing the production of official statistics, general purpose statistics, civil registration services and inclusive identification system.

What is the penalty for PSA survey? ›

The gathering, consolidation and analysis of such data shall likewise be done in the most truthful and credible manner. To ensure compliance, any violation of this Act shall result in the imposition of the penalty of one (1) year imprisonment and a fine of One hundred thousand pesos (P100,000.00).

Can I insist on a PSA test? ›

Because of this, the PSA test on its own is not recommended as a screening test for prostate cancer. But men over 50 can usually ask their GP for a PSA blood test if they want.

Is the survey mandatory? ›

Is the survey mandatory? Yes, your response is required by law. Title 13, United States Code, Sections 131, 182, and 193, authorizes this collection.


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