The First Mass in The Philippines was held in Butuan not in Limasawa (2023)


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The First Mass in The Philippines was held in Butuan not in Limasawa (1)

Where is the first Mass in the Philippines really held? Some historian says that it is in Limasawa on the southern tip of Leyte and some says it is held in Masao, Butuan. At this very moment this issue is being contested by this people from this two different places claiming that the first Mass is held in their place.

The researchers search for the facts and evidences that may lead on where it is the first Mass truly held. The data show in the table is the evidences that the researchers gathered in this case study about where is the first Mass really held? The researcher analyse the only two primary sources that historians refer in identifying the site of the first Mass. One is the log kept by Francisco Albo, a pilot of one of Magellan’s ship, Trinidad. He was one of the 18 survivors who returned with Sebastian Elcano on the ship Victoria after they circumnavigated the world. The other, and the more complete, was the account of Antonio Pigafetta, Primo viaggio intorno al mondo (First Voyage around the World). Pigafetta, like Albo, was a member of the Magellan expedition and an eyewitness of the events, particularly, of the first Mass.
After analysing the primary sources from Pigafetta and Albo’s account, and some of the secondary sources that the researchers used as related studies from the historians conducted research to support our claims regarding to the first Mass. The researcher lead to a conclusion that Antonio Pigafetta’s account is more firm than Albo because Pigafetta’s account is more complete and supported by evidences including the date of event and also the location. In Albo’s account he didn’t mention the first Mass but only the planting of the cross upon a mountain top from which could be seen three islands to the west and southwest unlike Pigafetta he mention in his account that the first Mass is held in Butuan on Easter Sunday, March 31. Pigafetta also seen as a is a credible source because his work was instantly became classic that prominent in the west like William Shakespeare, Michel de Montaigne, and Giambattista Vico referred to the book in their interpretation of the new world. The chronicle of Pigafetta was one of the most cited documents by historians who wished to study the pre-colonial Philippines.

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Therefore, the researchers conclude that the first mass was held in Masao, Butuan and not in Limasawa Leyte; because according to (Republic Act No. 2733) the law as well as the government declare that the first mass is really held in Masao, Butuan. Even though there is also a law declare Limasawa as the place were the first Mass held there’s a possibility that they only want to detour us to the truth that Butuan is the real place where it is held because there’s a lot of evidences that leads to the conclusion that the first Mass was held in Masao, Butuan. That’s why the researchers recommended that the future researchers should conduct a further research and find additional information to strengthen this claim.

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The First Mass in The Philippines was held in Butuan not in Limasawa (2)

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