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It must be a wonderful fantasy for many of us to experience the most excellent luxurious hospitality the world has to offer.
There are many 5-star hotel chains like JW Marriott, Hyatt, Hilton, etc. to offer these services.
The hotel rating system aims at star rating hotels based on their quality and the number of amenities they provide to their guests.
But what if you want more than that?
You must have heard of 7-star hotels that signify opulence and deliver outstanding experiences in hospitality.
Unfortunately, there is no 7-star hotel in the world officially.
It is a term, 7 stars coined by a journalist who visited the Burj Al Arab in Dubai, as he thought that the regular five stars did not do justice to its super luxurious hospitality, created the word 7-Star.
What we can learn from the hotels that have seven on the market is that they are a luxurious travel destination with the sparkling additions you can ever dream.
These hotels listed below are Top 10 most luxurious 7-star hotels in the world:

10. Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur, India

Top 10 Best 7 Star Hotels in World list 2020 (Price) - PickyTop (1)
  • Price: $890 to $5000 per night

Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur is a luxury hotel in the center of Lake Pichola, a majestic eighteenth-century whitewashed palace.
The hotel is one of Rajasthan’s highest-ranking 7-star luxurious hotels renowned for its elegance and international awards for its unique beauty and architecture.
The Palace was a summer resort for the former ruling King of Udaipur.
The interior has a pleasant view of the hilltop and medieval garden studded with Bohemian crystals, green lotus leaves, and cuspid arches.
The rooms are spacious, comfortable, and luxurious.
This hotel in India offers 66 rooms and 17 royal suites, all of them with Rajasthani royal style interior and a lovely view of the lake.
A luxurious Spa, three Indian and international restaurants, a small fitness center, a stunning pool deck, and a variety of open outdoor areas with lots of seating are also available for your convenience.
Jiva Spa provides massages and beauty treatments of all types.
This is probably the best place to live in the area with its prime location and spacious rooms and facilities.

Why so expensive?
Such a place is not even possible to imagine. Taj Lake Palace, which has been constructed over 200 years ago, rises like castles in storybooks from the waters of Lake Pichola.
Emerging from the luminous waters of Lake Pichola like aluxurious cruise, this 7 star hotel inIndiaevokes a true essence of magic and festive dreams.
The unbeatable location offers the perfect setting for fine cuisine in Taj Lake Palace’s elegant restaurants.
Signature restaurants serve a selection of cuisines.
‘Neel Kamal’ for genuine Rajasthani and other Indian cuisine and Bhairo to modern European delicacies for seasonally open air.
In the evening, the ‘Amrit Sagar’ bar is the perfect venue for signature martinis, cocktails, and a grand collection of world-class spirits.

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9. Hotel Plaza Athénée, Paris

Top 10 Best 7 Star Hotels in World list 2020 (Price) - PickyTop (2)
  • Price: from $1200 per night

This hotel is ideally situated for Paris’ best shopping and overlooks the Eiffel Tower the hotel offers you spectacular views.
The Suites directly opposite the Eiffel Tower, which is the Crème de la Crème, will certainly love guests at the hotel.
Most requested suites in the hotel are Suit no. 361, and 878.
The 154 rooms and 54 suites, which have an elegant Louis XVI decor, are synonymous with Parisian flamboyance.
Suite no. 878 has contemporary Art Deco style and retro furniture, in browns, beiges, and baby blues, 361 features a more classic French-style experience.
It comprises a living area, a kitchen, an armchair, and a marble-clad bathroom, all of which have a total area of 1400 square feet.
The living room features gray walls and sumptuous moldings to backdrop Louis XIV with rose-pink fabric upholstered chairs, two dark gray sun-drenched sofas, a glass-top cocktail table with details of silver leaves, a black tassel lens and silk curtains.

8. Hotel President Wilson – Geneva, Switzerland

Top 10 Best 7 Star Hotels in World list 2020 (Price) - PickyTop (3)
  • Price: $400 to $80,000 per night

The hotel is one of Geneva’s most opulent locations facing the magnificent view of Mont Blanc on Lake Leman.
This magnificent Swiss hotel offers Michelin starred cuisine from the famous ChefMichel Roth.
Luxurious amenities include a luxury spa suite with a private Jacuzzi, sauna and Spa La Mer’s signature spa treatments, and a temperature-controlled outdoor swimming pool with spectacular views of the lake.
The Hotel President Wilson in Geneva is home to the world’s biggest and most expensive suite.
The suite is known as theRoyal Penthouse Suite, which takes President Wilson’s top floor.
This Suite costs around $80,000 per night featuring 12 rooms, a huge dining space, executive boardroom, top-quality architecture, private elevator, armored doors, bulletproof window glass, panic room, and a private helipad suitable for an iconic celebration.
While in the hotel, a standard classic room has a price tag of $390 per night.

What makes this suite so special?
Guests staying in this super luxurious suite can enjoy other excellent facilities like a grand piano, a billiard table, the world’s largest TV, classical books, works of art, and a panoramic view on Lake Geneva.
This impressive suite is just like home, and it deserves the place on this list.

7. Signiel Seoul, South Korea

Top 10 Best 7 Star Hotels in World list 2020 (Price) - PickyTop (4)
  • Price: from $1000

The world’s newest 7-star hotel located in thefifth tallest building in the world, Lotte World Tower that makes it the highest elevated most luxurious hotel in the world.
Being a super luxurious (and costly) hotel in South Korea, Signiel Seoul has quickly established itself a 7-star reputation.
It has Michelin-star chefs for its restaurants and helicopter transfers for its interested visitors.
Even if you don’t have the expense of other hotels mention in this list, here, you’ll get all this experience for an overnight fee of $1,000 in its comfortable rooms.
During the visit, guests will have access to Asia’s biggest champagne bar and beautiful views of the cityscape of Seoul.
Besides, Signiel has comfortable and spacious suites, the fine-dining bar, 342 meters high in the air, relaxing swimming pool, and sauna display the hotel’s finest awesomeness.
Make sure to include this on your next trip to South Korea.

6. Laucala Island Resort, Fiji

Top 10 Best 7 Star Hotels in World list 2020 (Price) - PickyTop (5)
  • Price: from $4000 to $55,000 per night

Laucala Island resort is the world’s most beautiful private island in the heart of the Pacific Ocean, Fiji.
We can find this exclusive private island Laucala on 3,500 hectares in the middle of the coconut plantation, sandy beaches, green mountains, and beautiful natural surroundings.
The island is privately owned and transformed into a unique island resort by Red Bull founder Dietrich Mateschitz.
Laucala also delivers personalized menus, with exotic locations either in the jungle, at a jetty or in the villa, or private restaurants.
The Delana Hilltop Estate Residence may sometimes be offered for $55,000 a night on prior request.
A one-bedroom suite with a private pool and direct access to the beach can cost $6000 per night.
We can find the real distinction of this hotel from the rest from the list in the privacy of resort villas on the northern end of the island. A smooth transition by living unsupervised creates a relaxing and luxurious atmosphere perfect as a honeymoon destination.
For Australians or people throughout the southern hemisphere, this is the nearest 7-star experience option.
You can take part in events on the island, including a paddle with a transparent bottom kayak, an underwater submarine ride, or a golf game with a resident specialist.
Amid a fast-running chaotic life, this island is a superluxurious option to relax and experience the Polynesian culture.

5. Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Top 10 Best 7 Star Hotels in World list 2020 (Price) - PickyTop (6)
  • Price: $350 to $11,000 per night

The Emirates Palace can fulfill an Arabian fantasy you may have by standing on your private beach.
Many of the suites by gold furnishings in this hotel are luxurious enough to have the privilege of royal Emirates and global dignitaries.
Private beaches, landscaping pools, 128 specialized kitchens, 114 domes with unique marble imported from 13 countries, and a private marina overlooking the bay, which makes the price tag of a room for $980 per night perfect for a once in a lifetime holiday.
The palace ground, which costs over $11,000 per night, is the most expensive option of the Hotel.
This 7-star Emirati hotel highlights the fascinating heritage of Arabia through its design and architecture.
A beautiful lawn with many ponds, covers approximately 85 acres of land surrounds the main accommodation palace, it’s abig hotel.
The luxurious rooms and suites, the superb food, the beautiful pools, and the beaches make for a one-stop holiday.
It looks like a magical realm with the best facilities in the world within your grasp.
The construction of the Emirates Palace is stunningly costly, with a budget of 3 billion US dollars.
The opulence stretches from the floor to the ceilings with twelve computer outdoor fountains, over 1,000 Swarovski crystal chandeliers, and a gold-plated coffee vending machine, even if you feel you are short of precious metals.
Gold is not only worn or used in furnishings but also eaten at the Emirates Palace hotel.
Every dish served is dusted by powdered gold from camel burgers to the cappuccino.
If you are tight in budget and can’t afford to book a room but want to enjoy this Arabia hotel, there is an option ofEmirates Palace tour.

4. Four Seasons Hotel, New York

Top 10 Best 7 Star Hotels in World list 2020 (Price) - PickyTop (7)
  • Price: from $1,095 to $60,000

With over 100 properties over 40 nations, the Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts is one of the world’s foremost ultra-luxurious hotel brands.
Four Seasons hotel in New York, on 57th Street, is likely one of the city’s most iconic, and at all times, the best choice for luxurious leisure or business trips.
The Hotel is located on “Billionaire’s Row” in New York’s most prestigious address, between Park Avenue and Madison Avenue.
However, if there are too many would-be guests, its latest downtown sibling is an afterthought.
The guest rooms start at $1,095 per night, while the most luxurious Ty Warner Penthouse Suite (named after the hotel’s billionaire owner) costs around $60,000 per night.
Among the most expensive hotel suites compiled byCNNCross in 2012, this suit ranks at 3rd position.
It reportedly took seven years to construct the penthouse room that cost well over $50 million to build.
Designed with natural light with panoramic views park and beautiful city landscape, you’ll be able to enjoy in serene luxurious, top above NY’s exhilarating whirlwind.
Rooms have a vintage pine design, and a few have jaw-dropping views across Central Park.
The Central Park Suite has a big terrace, the place where you can eat out high above Manhattan.
It even has a lawn that appears over the Resort’s towering Grand Lobby.
This enchanting restaurant with forest-like surroundings is a distinctive and extraordinary location for central New York.
Choose the table in between the twisting, undulating trunks of huge African Acacia trees, and enjoy the heat dappled daylight which streams in within the morning.

It’s clear from the design that no expense was spared when placing in combination this opulent suite with artisan fabrics used together with Venetian velvet, Chinese onyx, Japanese silk, and sinks carved out from rock crystal.
The arena’s costliest one-bedroom penthouse suite, Ty Warner Penthouse Suite, takes up all 4300 sq. feet of the Four Seasons 52nd floor.
You could have a private spa and as if that wasn’t sufficient, there is an onyx-clad, chromotherapy infinity soak bathtub, and a Zen Room with a waterfall cascading from the ceiling towards a wall fabricated from green bowenite semi-precious granite.
Peter Marino and the legendary I. M. Pei (who died last year at 102) designed the hotel.
You get Rolls-Royce with a chauffeur, personal trainer, spa treatments, and as much Michelin star food and champagne.

3. Morgan Plaza, Beijing, China

Top 10 Best 7 Star Hotels in World list 2020 (Price) - PickyTop (8)
  • Price: from $320

Morgan Plaza is Beijing’s latest masterpiece, also known as Pangu seven-star hotel, with five buildings inaugurated in the year 2008.
World-famous Taiwanese architect CY Lee designed this hotel (who also designed Taipei-101).
This dragon-shaped luxury hotel is at an ideal location for luxury travelers, as it is near one of the world’s largest libraries.

What makes this hotel a 7-star?
Because of its extremely impressive Sky Courtyard suites, the hotel is awarded the 7-star title.
There are 12 Sky Courtyards, which are two stories and feature amenities like special pools and retractable glass roofs.
In the Pangu, 234 rooms fuse traditional Chinese art with contemporary European glamor, based on Feng Shui principles.
This hotel in Beijing has Standard Rooms with a pretty hand-packed price of $320 for a night (most cost-effective in our 7-star list).
But to maximize the most lavish experience, you can book a Sky Courtyard, an outdoor two-story private residence with a rooftop garden, a swimming pool, and a glass roof, which is Sir David Tang’s artwork.

2. Hotel Seven Stars Galleria, Milan, Italy

Top 10 Best 7 Star Hotels in World list 2020 (Price) - PickyTop (9)
  • Price: €1,500 to €15,000 per night

Which is the only 7-star hotel in the world?
The Galleria Seven Stars is the onlyofficial 7-star hotelin the world located in Milan.
The owner hired a company, to create a hotel, with the highest possible standards according to the European ranking, SGS to earn the title officially.

What makes The Galleria Seven Stars so special?
It is the most exclusive hotel on this list with only 20 rooms available, and you should be very lucky to book a suite.
If you can do it, they can customize the suite to your personal needs as a guest, including bedroom, food, and background music, so that after your long flight to Milan, you can get over Jetlag.
For shopaholics, this hotel is an ideal accommodation.
As by a private elevator, you drop straight into the largest and grandest shopping arcade in the world, Italy’s Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.
The rooms and suites both give a magnificent view and make a perfect hideout to relax.
The hotel’s exclusivity is direct access to the world-famous Leonardo da Vinci Museum.
This hotel’s free pet service is exceptional, allowing your pets (if you have) to receive a luxurious treatment with chenille sofas, lunch meats, and teacup sets.

1. Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Top 10 Best 7 Star Hotels in World list 2020 (Price) - PickyTop (10)
  • Price: from the north of $1000 to $ 27,000 per night

As already said above, the concept for a seven-star hotel came to life inHotel Burj Al Arab.

But Why Burj Al Arab is considered a 7-star hotel?
It’s difficult to answer exactly what aspect of Burj Al Arab, the sail-shaped hotel inspired the term, it must be something to do with the comprehensive Rolls-Royce Phantom available to escort (to receive you from the airport) and 24-Hour butler service.
In the most popular hotel in Dubai, the décor is as glamorous as its customers, with the space covering over 21,000 square feet in 24K of pure gold leaf.
Helipads, gold-plated bedroom iPads, caviar masks are extravagant as are eight attends for every suite.
Located at just 280 meters from Jumeirah Beach, theJumeirahGroup build this monumental structure of the most expensive hotel in Dubai on a man-made island, and the exterior design resembles a sail of a ship.
There are 202 suites, the mostluxuriousof which is theRoyal two-bedroom suite, which costs around $27,000 a night.
This suite has a private elevator, a screening room, a library, and an unobtrusive check-in system and Rolls Royce chauffeurs.
Each Suite here has 24-carat gold iPads, designer linen from Egypt, hygiene items, and Whirlpool jacuzzis.
Snookers, stores, cinemas, and private elevators are included in the upgraded suites.
Burj Al Arab is the most luxurious hotel in the world with free access to the Wild Wadi water park, a private beach, and beautiful panoramic views of the clear turquoise blue Arabian Gulf.

Many luxury hotel chains are doing their best to distinguish themselves as 6-stars or 7-stars.
Name it competition or the essence of luxury that many 5-star hotels in the world have today have.
Luxury is top here, facilities and other services are available here in these hotels.
Entering their hospitality is like entering into real-life modern heaven. Who knows whether it will inspire and motivate you to complete any task ahead of you?
Inspiration is always available for you to absorb the work of world-class architectures as it is always said:“art gives birth to another art.”


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